I have worked with Kim Rockshaw for years on different cases, mostly involving my five cats, and sometimes myself. We have used diet, supplementation, herbs and homeopathy to treat my pets.

With the cases with which we used homeopathy, many of the results have been amazing: One example is of my beautiful black cat, Buster, who had developed chronic urinary problems at age 12. The ultrasound performed at the vet's office showed he had a very thickened bladder wall. After about 6 weeks of homeopathic treatment with Kim, we noticed an improvement in his urination patterns. We then repeated the ultrasound to find that the thickened bladder had returned to normal! Another time, after surgery on a toe to remove a bone spur, Buster was acting very strange and aggressive. In this case, homeopathic treatment helped not only the pain from surgery, but also his personality change.

Serenity was a rescued cat, who is came to us very sickly and scared of both humans and other cats. Being a small timid cat, she became used to being at the bottom of our kitty social structure. After working with an animal communicator there was some improvement, and she bonded with my husband, only. Even after being with us a few years, Serenity would stay in only one room most of the time and when scared would remain frozen in her body position. She was also severely constipated and we had to mix all kind of herbs and supplements in her food to help her with this. After hearing just a few of her symptoms, Kim recommended a homeopathic remedy. This has turned Serenity's life around! It is truly amazing to see her move from being frozen, hiding and not moving, to running across the kitchen floor, demanding her food, and talking to BOTH my husband and I. She is even standing up to the other cats. Her constipation has been eliminated due to the homeopathic treatment.

Kim has also helped me with my two cats Teena and Squeeky and their chronic urinary and spraying problems. I have to admit, I'm probably an unusual pet owner. I believe in working with my pets through “thick and thin”, even the difficult circumstances of these elimination problems. I have chosen not to give up on these cats and Kim has stood by me, to help with their symptoms of chronically high pH and crystals.

One of my most precious cats, Ganesha, became afflicted with seizures after the use of eye medication. With homeopathy Kim helped control the seizures for two years, until Ganesha died peacefully.

As someone who has been seriously involved with our local animal shelter (ran the foster program for three years), I know that Kim serves as a continual resource for not just me, but shelter personnel, and other fellow animal rescuers. We have taken several tough situations and helped resolve them with diet, herbs, supplements, homeopathy and flower essences.

I would encourage anyone that is serious about pet care, to work with Kim If you do what she tells you and follow her instructions, you animal companions, who love you so much, will surely improve.


N.G. Laguna Niguel, CA

My 13-year old cat, Easy, was in trouble. After a few years of brief, but serious “crashes” with his health, he was diagnosed with chronic lymphoid leukemia. He had chronic diarrhea for two months straight, his kidneys values were high, his white blood cell counts were “through the roof” and the finally straw was that his red blood cell count had plummeted to a dangerously low level. Up until this point, my vet had been unable to help with any of these symptoms. Fearing that he would die soon, her last suggestion was to put him on steroids and Advantage (for the few fleas he had). I was seriously thinking of euthanizing Easy as I could not bear to see this former 12 pound cat, be reduced to a 6.5 skeleton. When I consulted with Kim Rockshaw, she questioned the cancer diagnosis, and concentrated on what she believed was a severe infection due to the diarrhea, plus the function of his kidneys and spleen. Through a combination of supplements, Chinese Herbs and homeopathy, I have watched a rather quick and miraculous recovery take place. Easy's stools are 90% better, he has gained weight, his red blood cell count is coming up and his old feisty attitude has returned.

I have also worked with Ms. Rockshaw on other animals in my pet household. A few years ago, my old Sharpei, Cheyenne, developed a neurological problem that resulted in her walking in circles almost constantly. Once again, since allopathic veterinary medicine had nothing to offer for her condition, I turned to Kim. The second homeopathic remedy she gave Cheyenne triggered a wonderful healing response and Cheyenne's vestibular problem never returned.

I cannot say enough about Kim's knowledge and ability to draw upon many forms of holistic medicine to tailor an individual treatment plan for each animal. She helped give Cheyenne a few more quality years and I know that Easy would not be here without her.

S.H. , Camarillo, CA

I began working with Kim Rockshaw a few years ago, for my then 10 year old Springer Spaniel, “Kramer”. He was developing what appeared to by something similar to cataracts, but called a corneal opacity. After being greatly helped by some drops, we also started working on his arthritis. A bit later, he injured one of his eyes; a subsequent scratch on his cornea would not heal and the vets only option was to sew his eye shut for a few weeks! Kim suggested a homeopathic remedy and had me concoct an eye wash. After 10 days, Kramer's eye was completely healed.

I also came to Kim for help with my own health problems. With homeopathic remedy, Kim was able to wean me off a medication I was taking for neurological symptoms. This remedy also helped me with photophobia, headaches, and even my memory loss. Unfortunately not long ago, a lump was found on my breast. I chose to have it removed and underwent radiation. Kim has been helping me with both the physical and emotional repercussions of this with both flower essences and various naturopathic treatments.

One of Kim's specialties is flower essence therapy and this has helped me greatly over the last few years, in handling everything from a very stressful job to the emotional and physical aspects of the recent breast cancer episode. Kim has always been there for me, with emotional support as well as treatments for most everything I bring to her. She is dedicated, compassionate and very professional in her response and her detailed approached to treating myself and my family.

P.B. Laguna Niguel, CA

"Prior to working with Kim, our dog Annie had a history of severe allergies, itching, and some gastrointestinal disturbances. We had received various treatments from our veterinarian as well as from a vet dermatologist specialist. These treatments included corticosteroids and allergy shots: neither of these helped, and if fact , caused side effects. We were somewhat skeptical of trying the homeopathic route, but gave it a try, as a "last resort" After a few months of working with Kim, Annie's allergies and itching have improved tremendously. She is off all medications and seems healthier and more content than in the five years she has been with us."

D.M., Aliso Viejo, CA

A few years ago, I was referred to Kim Rockshaw, for help with my beloved kitten, Simba. At that point I was completely frustrated with the lack of help from the veterinarians I had visited. Simba had ringworm that had not been diagnosed properly nor thoroughly treated. In additon he had chronic upper respiratory problems, as the result of a particular vaccine. It was very clear that his poor guy had a suppressed immune system. Through the use of wholistic medicine, Kim was able to help Simba overcome the ringworm and side effects of the vaccine. Later he also developed problems from a virus, which manifested in sores in and around his mouth. Once again, Kim's treatment helped tremendously. All of the issues that the vet did not how to treat, were helped by working with Kim.

I have since gotten another kitten, Milo, and he also had some very unusual health conditions right from the start. This time, I was not so worried because I knew I had Kim and that she would help me do what is best for him and get him as healthy as he could possibly could be. Both my little guys come from shelters and have had numerous health issues. Kim has helped me with all of these problems and they are happy, active cats. I feel very grateful for having Kim in my life.

Kim has also helped me with my high blood pressure and digestive issues after having my gallbladder removed.

I really cannot say enough wonderful things about Kim. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and honest. If she thinks your pet needs to see a vet rather than her, or if you or your pet need to have traditional, allopathic treatment, she will tell you so. However, if she feels she has the ability to heal you or your animals with her natural methods, I would put my money on her that she would be able to do so. Thank you Kim for all you have done for me and my little boys.

K.M., Huntington Beach, CA