Simple, Safe, Holistic Treatments for Your Pets' Little (and not so little) Behavioural and Emotional Problems.

PROZAC-FREE PETS is written for pet owners who want to safely and permanently change negative emotional and behavioral patterns in their companion animals. The book is designed to offer alternatives to the increasingly frequent practice of using alloapathic drugs to treat emotional imbalances in our pets.

This book also serves as a great, general reference guide for using homeopathy and flower essences. It will help those interested in treating their animals or themselves, for physical problems as well as emotional problems. General treatment and dosing information is given in order to teach the reader how to use homeopathy and essences effectively and successfully. It covers the treatment of acute and basic physical problems such as injury, trauma. vaccinosis and more.

Concentrating on these two time-tested holistic treatments, author Kim Rockshaw offers safe and simple solutions to seemingly complex emotional problems. The reader is given an explanation and history of each healing modality as well as treatment instructions that insure success. Flower essences and homeopathic remedies are suggested to treat minor and complex issues such as past abuse, separation anxiety, fear, jealousy, and grief. Personality changes that are due to physical trauma are also discussed. (For instance, an animal that has never acted quite the same after an illness, injury surgery or vaccine.)

A section on Behavior Modification also offers practical help for some of the most common feline and canine problems such as inappropriate elimination, property destruction, separation anxiety and dominance issues. Additional essences that will correspond with the behavioral work/training, are also mentioned in this section of the book

A Resource Guide finishes out the book with a listing of places to order products, books, and professional organizations.

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